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Welcome to Taste of Palisade

Hi friends, 

My name is Ashley McGee and I am the founder and designer behind Taste of Palisade.


I have lived in Colorado for 22 years and always loved all forms of entertaining. I have had a career in Event Production and Sales & Marketing for 17 years. Being a southern girl from Alabama, hospitality is in my nature. Creating pieces of art as conversation starters is what led me to the world of charcuterie platters. I believe food brings people together and helping people connect again feels very important right now. 


So why start a business now and especially in Palisade? I’ve noticed small businesses struggle during Covid and a few of my favorite ones have just completely given up. After doing some real soul searching about what I can offer to this unique community, while supporting small businesses, I created "Taste of Palisade.” 


I want a way to support all of the boutique stores downtown, local farmers and surrounding small businesses. Most of the ingredients used on each board will come from local businesses in the area. Each business will be recognized with a list of  products used and how you can purchase them in person.  


I will always use seasonal, quality ingredients and source organic products as much as possible. 


For parties concerned with "sharing", please contact me directly for per person pricing or single serve charcuterie options and presentation. 


I look forward to working with you!

Thank you in advance for your support of local businesses in Palisade.

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